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Simple meditation and the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddha teaching to practice for busy people to calm the mind and cure the disorders

Simple meditation and the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddha teaching to practice for busy people to calm the mind and cure the disorders.

In any unwanted situation, people say if...then they will do differently. I am Not sure, only when you master your mind by mastering Greed, Anger, and Ignorance. You have unconditioned love. If you lack this, the more you do, the more you may make other pain or stress. 

Do you know: when you are sleeping, your brain still works to review, correct, and create the changes side the brain and body, genes that we do not know. But we know how brain/ mind works by observing the pattern of sleeping with changing the pressure from the environment: EEG, Slow-wave sleep, REM sleep. We know that some chronic patients have some things strange with their genes, does its changes first or state of mind, environment create it then diseases are the perceivable symptoms.
Effects of stress on mind, body, world. In mind, the brain we called mental problems, insomnia, headache, suicide problems, social problems.
Effects of stress on the stomach, intestine we called the stomach problems, pain, severe pain, gastrointestinal problems; on heart, vein, we call cardiovascular diseases.
Stress on the school: school problems
Stress on the world we called human problems, which may lead to World War.
Stress start from the state of mind
 It is not cold, virus, flu kills American, but the stressed mind. January is the most stressed month because of tired working, pressure from work, pressure from the deadline of the credit card, mainly from Stressed, Discontented, Hysterical MIND.
Check these symptoms to know you are under stress or not, only by SMART WATCH.
If yes, only medication, pain reliever, opioids are useless; punishment is useless, prison is not enough. We need to think of the alternative technique to calm the mind, soothe the pain and find inner peace for all: meditation, and lifelong learning.
Use the smartwatch to record the changing of the body to know the changing of the state of mind, emotion: hatred, anger, stress, depression, and love.
Stressed in a family, no matter rich or poor usually have simple patterns:
+ Father with cardiovascular diseases, sexual dysfunction.
+ Mother with mental diseases: depression, autoimmune diseases, stomach problems or thyroid problems.
+ kids under stress: upset stomach, vomiting, cold, flu symptoms. or Autism, ADHD, over-react, rebelling and/ or junior autoimmune diseases.


They live in stress, eat in fear, sleep in anxiety, playing in the boring safe side, wear luxury clothes in discontentment, study with pressure, and sexing with contempt, and hysterically getting the life-saving vaccination. They never find real joy, happiness.
Stress chemical: Adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisone.
- Effects of Adrenalin: Sweating, Nausea and vomiting, Pale skin, Feeling short of breath, Dizziness, Weakness or tremors, Headache, Feeling of nervousness or anxiousness,
- Effects of Norepinephrine: Pain, burning, Numbness, weakness, or cold, Slow or uneven heart rate, Trouble breathing, Vision, speech, or balance difficulties, Blue lips or fingernails, Spotted skin
- Minor side effects Cortisol: Acne, dry skin, or thinning skin, Bruising or discoloration of the skin, Insomnia, Mood changes, Increased sweating, Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, stomach pain,
- Serious side effects cortisol: Vision problems, Swelling, Rapid weight gain, Shortness of breath, Severe depression or unusual thoughts or behaviors, Seizures, Bloody or tarry stools, Coughing up blood, and pancreatitis: pain in your upper stomach that spreads to your back; nausea and vomiting; or fast heart rate.
Under stress state, cardiovascular medication only makes temporary relief.
 Because of me, because of you I always enjoy these chemicals in eating, receiving, getting, giving, sleeping and enjoying.
Check it can be easy by doing on animals.
Check it can be easy by observing the gen, mind, and health of the defect men: Nick Vujik, Hellen Keller, President Franklin Rosevelt, and millions of other people.
We know too little about our brain- the king of the body and its state.
Stress season of US is highest in January: with the soaring of death, and cardiovascular stroke. Maybe they are too stress because enjoying time passed, boring stressful work begin and stressful paying credit cards for the amount that overspend before Holiday, New Year'Eve, and black Fridays. School also make American stress. The number of death reduced substantially during summer vacation, and the number of injury for kids is increased, maybe the kids play more freely than other time.
One thing to check about the effect of schooling in society: look at the diagram of the death rate between America and Europe with Australia and New Zealand. The pattern is so obviously opposite according to the different school schedule and summer vacation.

When the blood pressure high, glucose high, the organ may send the feedback signal for the brain to stop secreting the hormone, and self-regulation mechanism activated. The brain still wants to raise the preparation of the body to a higher level to prepare for fight and flight. The brain may see other organs as the preventer or enemy. The immune system starts to attack its own organs: the autoimmune diseases.
– Only the beta cell pancreas be destroyed by the immune system
 – other strange, could not understand the mechanism of the autoimmune system: why it only attack ignorantly or intelligently attack one kind of cell, and let the nearby cell un-touch.
 Luckily, Meditation can help calm your mind, but the act of kindness, goodness, selfless action bring peace for all. 

At home, you can sit cross legs on flat, on a small cushion under the bottom to avoid falling backward or sitting on the coach; where you can have enough quiet and uninterrupted time. Practice daily five to ten minutes in a quiet place. Straighten your body like a feeling of direct force pulls from the head to make upright; then let the body relax in a straight position. Practice some of these exercises of observing. There are people practice meditation for the first time, a lot of thoughts jump out and disappear. It is normal because this is the normal function of the mind. Do not worry, just identifying and naming the thoughts of past, future, positive, negative, nonsense, selfish. After recognizing and naming, thought cannot be self-sustaining, thoughts only sustain when we let ourselves breed and chase the thoughts. Just recognize and name the thoughts then come back to the observing. Practice each of these exercises from five to ten minutes. Whenever you want to stay focus, you can practice observing one of the following exercise.

Exercise one: Observe the relaxation of whole the body.

Stop the thinking process; observing the comfort, relaxation, and lightness of the body. Just breathing in and breathing out with the observing. Practice for at least three to five minutes.

Exercise two: Observe the breath.

Observe the breath in and out, inhalation and exhalation through the noses. Just recognize and observe the breath, do not try to control or adjust the breath. Observing, watching the breath, sensing the path of the breath. Feel the moving of the chest and abdomen when taking the breath. Practice for at least three to five minutes.

Exercise three: Count the breath during meditating

With the position of sitting for meditation, breathe in count one, breathe out count one; next breath, breathe in count two, breathe out count two. Then breathe in count three, breathe out count three. Do count less than five and do not count more than ten. When count to ten, we can count back from one. Practice for at least three to five minutes.

Exercise four: observe the lower abdomen

Observe the lower abdomen when breathing. Breathe in with the observation of moving of the lower abdomen and exhale the observation of moving lower abdomen. Watching the rising and falling of the lower abdomen. Practice for at least three to five minutes.

Exercise five: Observe the lower body in meditating

Observe the lower body when breathing. From the chest down, observe and sense the sensations of the hands, feet, and abdomen. Just observe the parts of the body; just realize the sensation of that lower part. Observe them as empty space cavity moving with the breath. We can feel joy with a sense of lightness and empty. Practice for at least three to five minutes.
If when you observe the body, thoughts appear, this is the normal function of the mind. Just realize the thoughts, do not follow thoughts. Come back to observe the breath. There are people first-time practice meditation, a lot of thinking jump out because of normal function of mind, do not worry, just identify and name the thought like past, future, positive, negative, nonsense, selfish. After naming, thinking cannot be self-sustaining. Just recognize and name the thoughts, then come back to observe the body and the breath. This is the characteristic of mind. Understanding the mind, we can control the power of the mind.
In this practicing of you can practice some of the following breathing techniques, each kind of breath you can do for several minutes. These breathing help you bring joy, happiness, and lightness for yourself, to some extent, it can help to heal your wounds, illnesses.
1.       Breath in slowly and breath out with the feeling of happiness, just observing the breathing and feeling, do not try to control them.
2.       Breath in slowly and breath out with smiling, just observing, do not try to control them.
3.       Breath in with the feeling of lightness, the breath out with the feeling of coolness; just observe the breathing, and feeling of lightness and coolness.
4.       Breath in with the feeling of warmness to the whole body, breath out with the feeling of warmness to the whole body, just observes the breath and feeling of warmness.
5.       Breath with the feeling of gratitude, breath out with the feeling of joyfulness.
6.       Breath in with the feeling of warmness in the body, breath out with the feeling of emptiness in the body.
7.       Breath in with the feeling of joy, breath out feels lightness from letting go.

Exercise six: identify the thoughts that appear from the top of the head

It seems like there is a small brain at the top of the head to observe the thoughts appear in the head during meditating. Sitting in meditating position, just observe the thought appear in the head. Identifying and naming thoughts. Just identify, do not follow thoughts. Thoughts will appear and disappear constantly and out of our control. There are some people doing this exercise have a thousand thoughts in just ten minutes of meditating. With the time of practice, the mind will reduce the habit of jumping around with thinking, the mind will calm down. People practice meditation can gain the power of concentration.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Aristotle

Understanding gained by meditation, people can realize that we are wrong when totally believing, clinging to the old thought and protecting the old assumption. Clinging and attaching to previous emotions and assumptions is like covering the eyes with gray clouds. We consciously do not realize that our attachment to constantly changing things cause misery ourselves. With attachment to the previous assumption, we are blind with real facts, and good opinions; moreover, we anger to good but different opinions. Anger is another gray cloud covers our eyes. Many gray clouds of attachment and anger compound day by day into the thick black cloud. Because of attachment and anger, we ourselves make us like blind unconsciously. Looking back at our experiences, we will realize a lot of smart people became blind to the obvious truth when they were angry; their perceptions about facts have distorted. Detachment with any assumptions and detachment with any emotions are some of the ways that great scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, and people use to do to get the real fact, real knowledge from experiments and events.
By practicing meditation, we can get better understanding of our mind and our ignorance. We realize the problems we have are not the real problems, they the products of our expectation, our anger, and our ignorance. Understanding makes us more open to different opinions and ideas. We have to remove all assumptions before coming to the situation, we have to listen more, and create open conversations to get understanding. We need to contemplate to create the blueprint of our life first before taking massive actions. We need to find out our talents, strengths, love, and missions. With vivid vision, big goals, principles, values, compassion, serving heart, and persistence, individuals and organizations can achieve far more success than the ones without; these are not only the guiding stars but also the effective tools to direct our mind. Vision, goals, principles, values, compassion are the stable things in changing a life; great men always remain constant to these. These are the effective tools for us to win over the self, the ego.
 “Things that I felt absolutely sure of but a few years ago, I do not believe now. This thought makes me see more clearly how foolish it would be to expect all men to agree with me.” Jim Rohn     
“It doesn't matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off.”  Jim Rohn 
Practice meditation daily in a quiet place. When feelings of anger or negative emotions invade our mind, observe the thoughts and emotions from the top of your head to get a better understanding. Understanding will create compassion and love.

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C. Mindfulness prevents us from making mistakes

Daniel Goleman cited a story in a rough neighborhood of New York City where there is a high rate of crimes: violence, robbery, murder. Most students have concentration problems and have witnessed or had relatives killed. Before class, students practiced an exercise of observing the movement of an object placed on the abdomen near the navel for five to ten minutes; this is one of the exercises of breathing in meditation. That daily ritual keeps the class environment calm and constructive and is empowering the children with self-control strategies early on. The class was fun, effective and little aggressive actions during the day. Researchers found that if teachers cut this exercise before class; the class was much more disordered and chaotic, and students were more irritated and aggressive. The scientific research evidence on the benefits of meditation is already compelling, and there are major studies underway.

We are usually anxious before an important interview or test; most of the time, the anxiety is out of controlled. We experience the symptoms of stress; which are the effects of overload stress hormones. We have many symptoms of stress in table 6: the most symptoms of stress that we can find in many patients. Even though, these symptoms may be worse if we still stimulate the mind with the thoughts or images of pain and failure from that event. The negative imagination can create far more fear and anxiety; we may think that we might fail, might make mistakes and might not do well. These thoughts in mind make us more afraid of the real event. The stress symptoms are obvious in the individuals who usually act according to emotion and irrational thinking. The thought itself makes us fall from anxiety to stress with symptoms of sweating, shaking, short breath, forgetting, pale, overreacting and high blood pressure. I see many senior healthy people come to a clinic to get the certification of health to go abroad to visit relatives; the results are good except the blood pressure is higher than the one they check at home. With little relaxation, some of them get high blood pressure near to the number they did at home. In practice, many physicians may see a lot of people have blood pressure rise when they see physicians in the white coat. Many patients are so afraid of injection that when they see a physician in white coat come only to check the blood pressure; most of the time the result may be higher than the patients do by themselves. This is proof that the unconscious mind controls us only with the imagination of the mind. The arousing of the mind can be calm down if we take the right understanding of the situation. In worse cases, if we breed the mind with lots of negative thoughts, the unconscious becoming stronger than the conscious mind. we may fall to extreme stress with a lot of wild actions, which can cause a lot of hurting and misery. When we are anxious, the good advice is to stop thinking, stop chasing the thoughts of past and future by direct the mind back to the body, back the mind to the present. Just by watching the breath, take control to make a deep breath, feel the breath, the sensation in the body, or just by counting the breath; these exercises direct the mind back to the body and cut the unwanted thoughts and make us calmer and less fear than before. When taking control of the mind, we focus the mind to present, we may direct the mind to focus on positive sides and positive figures of the event. Consciously looking to positive sides can make us confident to deal actively with the coming events. Our actions in a calm mind are more conscious and rational than the actions in stress.

Tragedy in the film starts with the knots: a character with power just only see a small part of the unwanted action from other characters, or he just gets distorted information; which he hates so much that he gets angry from perceiving. He makes series of mistakes like: without seeking more information to get the right understanding of the actions, without paying attention to the new emotions, skip reading the context, ignoring all opportunity to learn more about situations and stop digging to the purpose of the action. He hurries to draw out the wrong conclusion. Then he firmly clings to his conclusion and starts to make a series of following behaviors, which are supported the conclusion. He creates the worst scenario of misunderstanding. These wrong actions cause terrible misery for good character because of misunderstanding. It is even worse when the individuals blindly immersed in bad and evil actions that cause injustice for good characters. During the film, these knots gradually dismantled.
Unfortunately, these tragedies appear all over the world, in countries and in families, because of the ignorance, we unconsciously create a lot of mistakes; the ignorant actions create extreme misery to our beloved people who are totally needed our love and support. Read stories in the newspaper or media we can see these kinds of tragedies in life. There are many successful people talked about the tragedies they got when they were young; fortunately, they bounce back better and get success in life. Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Steve Job are some of them.
 In fact, our ignorance is unlimited; people have killed or created tragedies for many great men in history. Some of the western great men are Christ, Socrates, Galileo Galilei, and Abraham Lincoln. We cannot list all the misery of great caused by people’s ignorance.
Unfortunately, ignorance is still in us, and billion other people. If we are not awake to train ourselves to become enlightened, we may create hundreds of ignorant behaviors each day, we may create suffering for relatives, ourselves and all other creatures. Nowadays, most of the wars, the act of terrorism, crimes, mental diseases, health problems, problems in family, schools, and society caused by the desire, anger, and ignorance of the people. Most of the victims and related people have ever experienced the stress symptoms, which listed in table three: the most symptoms of stress that we can find in many patients. Such a terrible, the actions caused misery for people are wearing noble masks of love, justice, peace, development, and sacrifice. Human beings are still be governed by the devil of ignorance. The masks not only make people feel at ease with the wrong actions and but also dull their gut feelings with wrong actions.
We need to practice more to gain wisdom and enlightenment. It is the best way we can do to help our beloved who are suffering. Outside intervention can only make people feel at ease with disease; it cannot eliminate the stress still arousing inside the victims. With enlightenment and wisdom, we can free ourselves and other people from the chains of ignorance.

D. People may be lead to crazy emotion if they lack mindfulness

 The stories about the crazy state we can hear a lot from media like someone told that they did not understand what was wrong with them at the time of taking evil actions. They do not know why they do that crime, the action that they never thought of when they are in the normal state of mind. It is like there is a devil drove them to take crazy actions like beatings, stabbing, killing, and creating extreme hurt for others unconsciously.
Sadly, the fact is many parents become crazy with the unwanted actions of their small child. I cannot bear in the mind with the deep wounds, which are bearing by the fragile child trembling with crucial punishments by their crazy but loving parents. The stress distorts all perception from the facts, the distortion creating a more and more vicious circle of hurting.
Right understanding, they are just victims of uncontrolled of peak emotions. They are so clingy to the expectation that they believe is true. The expectations were unsatisfied, they became angry. Stimulation of angry emotions made them uncomfortable with some signs. Combine with the chaotic environment, chaotic situation, or the chasing. The crowd, loud voice, loud music, shouting and chasing speed up the pulsating heartbeat, make emotion excited. Accumulation of time and many other unwanted things, their anger reached the peak of emotion. People will lose control of conscious mind when the emotion caused by unconscious my reach to peak. Most of the symptoms in the table three are so vigorous that we can easily realize like the heart rate is very high, the talking same as screaming, the hands are shaking, the pale skin, red face, stiff muscle. The conscious mind loses control of normal behaviors. The emotional brain completely dominates the body, moreover, the thinking brain is useless. It is like the animals in the extremely dangerous situation; there is no need for thinking, no need for other function put all the resources for fight and flight, put all resources for the irrational behaviors without paying attention for the damaging results. They act in extreme stress unconsciously like crazy men. The actions, at the normal state of mind they never ever think of, are taking.
Family tragedy happens when people fail to read emotional signals, fail to listen to nonverbal signals of themselves and other members. Not understanding or misunderstanding can create anger because they do not get the things they want. So that from small conflicts they do not handle well, they fall to anger, blindly blaming, insulting and shouting each other. They start to ignore the positive evidence, deny the explanation and refuse to cooperate to get understanding. They refuse all evidence contradicted with their conclusion; on the other hand, their unconscious mind works very efficiently in the situation of strong opinions and high emotions, the unconscious mind starts to scan unwanted things. So that small un-seemingly insignificant things now become the important things in conflict as long as it supports their conclusion, even the mind also call on the previous experiences to support their wrong conclusions. This is the reason for the advice that we should not reason with angry men. Their mind sees small un-seemingly insignificant things as seriously threatening. With distorted information, the calculation of cost and benefit of each decision become wrong and useless. They do not read their emotions and the emotions of the opposite person. The stress of conflicts so high that parents dare to make evil actions with the beloved child, which are not be done when they are at a normal state. Surfing the internet, newspaper, and magazines we see thousands of news of these tragedies and bad actions happen each day. The tragedy has the pattern, if we know it, we can prevent it. In medical, these tragedies created many terms of diseases.
From infants to adolescents or even adults are the victims of ignorant conflicts. Stress, lack of connection and lack of love and the ability of the individual are the ingredients make the quality of people living. If we make a test of the symptoms in table three the most symptoms of stress that we can find in many patients with the patients and people around the patients, we will get outstanding evidence of these causes.
Who let the emotions control so many times, they have been conditioned to the habit of responding in an irrational way. They always meet or create problem unconsciously with other people. Practicing meditation, reducing desires, anger, and ignorance, and forming the seven habits of highly effective people from Stephen Covey can help us not committing the wrong actions.


 Mindful reading to emotional management

Read environment, read emotion, read the context, read gestures, read linguistic and non-verbal signs, and live in mindfulness. Read what you see, read what you hear, read what you feel. Be aware of the signs of emotion, emotions expressed through non-verbal signals. Some of the best ways are mute the TV, read the actor's feelings for at least ten minutes a day, start analysis scenario, realize the track of emotional development in actors. In the midst of the crowds, parks, or meetings, practice to read emotions of people around, start with guessing and then finding the clues to sharpen your mind.
 Always live in awareness to observe the body, feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness. Take quiet time to contemplate about the major things in your life. Spend time for major things, awake to do not spend major time on minor things.


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 Bộ gõ thông kinh mạch và đai ấn khí hải giúp Tự đả thông kinh mạch theo nguyên lý đồng ứng, phản xạ bàn chân, bàn tay giúp chữa đau mỏi, mãn tính, bệnh nền mọi lúc, mọi nơi


 Bố mẹ nên biết khi rèn kỹ năng, dạy ngoại ngữ cho con


 Book of the Day June 6th – Temporarily FREE with the rate 3/4 on the Review of the book from OnlineBookClub


 BÚA ĐẢ THÔNG KINH MẠCH giúp phòng tai biến, đột quỵ, dụng cụ chữa bệnh, đả thông kinh mạch, dò tắc nghẽn đa năng, tự chế


 Búa xốp, đai khí hải, búa đả thông kinh mạch Yvi, sách tự chữa bệnh không dùng thuốc.


 Buddha’s teaching of looking at a pippala leaf helps us gain mindfulness and understanding of Tao Te Ching


 Các sản phẩm chăm sóc sức khỏe, kích hoạt chữa lành từ bên trong, sách, khóa học – Ds Duy Văn


 Các thầy, cô, thầy tu, người tỉnh thức, giáo sư, bác sĩ, mtq, tình nguyện viên, tiktok cờ, phóng viên, vtv… chắc đang đợi nhiều người thẩm mới tin, hành


 Cách ấn bụng chữa các bệnh: mỡ nội tạng, men gan cao, gan nhiễm mỡ, bệnh chuyển hóa, tự miễn – ứng dụng từ matxa bụng, xoa bụng, rung bụng, đắp chăn ấm bụng và tại sao khi đau ôm bụng lại đỡ


 Cách chăm sóc trẻ bị ốm, ho, ,sốt cúm, viêm đường hô hấp. Cách an toàn tự sơ cứu khi khó thở


 Cách chữa bệnh với máy SẤY Cho đau, mỏi, sốt, ho, cúm, đầy bụng, trục hàn.


 Cách chữa khỏi cho trẻ nhiễm viêm phổi do Adenovirus. Thực hành hiệu quả cả trong chữa cúm, sốt, cảm lạnh, sốt yếu do các nguyên nhân


 Cách chữa viêm mũi, viêm xoang, viêm họng mãn, cúm, Corona, COPD, hen, viêm phế quản, viêm phổi, ho, khó thở qua vỗ và thảo dược xung quanh


 Cách hạ sốt cho trẻ nhỏ, người lớn do các nguyên nhân qua lót khăn vỗ lưng lâu, ấn khí hải, ấn bụng


 Cách học tiếng anh và kỹ năng tuyệt vời qua youtube Top links khai thác tài nguyên youtube tạo hứng thú học tiếng anh.


 Cách sơ cứu bệnh nhân sỉu, đột quỵ, tức ngực nhồi máu cơ tim không có thuốc – ds Van


 Cách sử dụng Đai Khí Hải giúp phòng và chữa bệnh: cao huyết áp, hàn lạnh tay chân, tai biến, đột quỵ, chuột rút


 Cách thực hành hơi thở khí công giúp thở sâu, êm, nhẹ và giúp dễ dàng đạt 3 – 5 hơi thở trong 1 phút ngay từ lần thực hành đầu tiên


 Cách tự chữa sốt, ho, khó thở của Covid-19. Bệnh do tắc nghẽn phổi, toàn thân tổng hợp Tự tác động tì, rung, ép, ấn, vỗ, dầu gió, tinh dầu, thảo dược, ăn uống, vệ sinh


 Cách tự day, ấn, ép cổ chữa u giáp, nang giáp, nghẹn họng, ho, viêm họng mãn, nuốt nghẹn, đầy bụng, chướng, cứng cổ.


 Cách vỗ bổ phổi giúp phòng và chữa cúm, Corona, COPD, hen, viêm phế quản, viêm phổi, ho, khó thở.




 Cần hiểu đúng về nguyên nhân gây ung thư và tử vong do ung thư


 Cha mẹ tỉnh thức con tuyệt vời, hãy phát huy tài năng tiềm ẩn của con


 Chắp, lẹo: Chỉ 5 phút biết được điều này thì khỏi phải đi khám mắt, nhỏ thuốc rồi chích chắp: Tự chữa lẹo mắt, chắp, viêm bờ mi qua châm huyệt phế du


 Chỉ 10 phút tập và vỗ sẽ hết đau mỏi lưng, vai gáy, đau đầu, chóng mặt, đau mỏi cổ nhiều năm


 Chữa chậm kinh, đau bụng kinh, mất kinh, kinh nguyệt rối loạn, vô sinh, hiếm muộn, dày tử cung, lạnh tử cung, mỏng tử cung, đa nang, khó có con, lạnh bụng, đau bụng chu kỳ kinh, lạnh chân tay, rối loạn nhiệt, điều chỉnh đường huyết và huyết áp.


 Chung tay kết nối đông y với tây y, khí công, dinh dưỡng và trị liệu qua cầu nối sinh hóa & chuyển hóa.


 Clapping on the back and chest 30 minutes a time can treat cough, chronic cough, cough with phlegm and difficult breathing and reduce the fever which is the symptoms of Covid-19.


 Cơ chế phân tử của chất Chát, thần dược trong nam dược, đông y, tây y, thảo dược.


 Conditioned Responses – things that secretly control our mind, body and behaviors called RESPONSES





























 Contents of the Book: Awaken you wonderful we

Nguồn tham khảo

  1. AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE: How do we create heaven on earth? The secret of the one-page table reveals the real causes of most phenomena, physical problems, mental problems, and social problems: -Talent - Outliers - Belief system - Natural learning - Autism - ADHD - Stress - Meditation - Depression - Fibromyalgia - Pain management - Natural healing- Self-healing - Metabolic disorders, and Autoimmune diseases - Van Duy Dao. Amazon
  2. Sách: Tự chữ bệnh không dùng thuốc: Tổng hợp vỗ, rung, vận động, hơi thở, ăn uống, và khí công ứng dụng theo nguyên lý y học, dinh dưỡng, và y học cổ truyền. Tự chữa bệnh mãn tính: Đau đầu, Ho, hen, Đau lưng, Huyết áp thấp, Huyết áp cao, Khó thở, Tiểu đường, Trĩ, Mất ngủ, Rối loạn tiền đình, Đau cổ Vai gáy, Viêm, trào ngược dạ dày, các bệnh nan y mãn tính khác. Đào Duy Văn. Quan tâm Ib Zalo 0929 550 744
  3. Khóa online: Tự chữa bệnh không cần dùng thuốc: Tổng hợp vỗ, rung, vận động, hơi thở, ăn uống, thiền, yoga và khí công theo nguyên lý y dinh dưỡng và học cổ truyền: Đau đầu, Ho, hen, Đau lưng, Huyết áp thấp, Huyết áp cao... 

List of most the best writings in the web with the title listed from A To

List of most the best writings in the web with the title listed from A To

Ứng dụng thiền và khí công theo nguyên lý YHCT giúp tăng cường sức khỏe, phòng và chữa bệnh